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Direct line for guidance issues: 873-7054

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Grade 6:
CROCKER - Mr. Spear (Math/Science),
Mrs. Daigneault (LA/SS)
Mrs. Stevens (Health)

SADDLEBACK - Mr. Barnes (LA), Ms. Dubois (Science), Ms. Angell (Math), Mrs. Pfluger (SS), Mr. Lee (Phys. Ed.), Ms. Bickford (Sp. Ed.) 

Grade 7:
BIGELOW - Mr. Cyr (Science/LA) WEBSITE, Mrs. Violette (Math/SS), Ms. Pullen (Guidance)
KINEO - Ms. Forrest (Math), Mrs. Rogers (LA),
Mrs. Schoenthaler (SS), Mrs. Tardif (Science), Mr. Hart (REACH), Mrs. Larrabee (Sp. Ed.)

Grade 8:
CADILLAC - Ms. Lake (Science), Ms. Morgan (Math), Churchill (LA), Hargrove (Music)
SUGARLOAF -Mrs. Hyde (Science), Mrs. Kuhlthau (SS) WEBSITE, Mr. Hoffman (Indus. Arts), Mr. Matteson (Art), Mr. Worcester (Math)
The following teachers will have students from both 8th grade neighborhoods for academics:
Ms. Churchill (LA), Mr. Berube (LA), Mrs. Kuhlthau (SS), Ms. Strout (SS)

       Multi 7th and 8th Grade:
  KATAHDIN - Mr. Henyan and Ms. Strout

 Unified Arts (Art, Music, Industrial Arts, PE, Health)

Special Education

WPS Gifted & Talented Program Plan

Area Resource Center

  • After school hours, you may leave a message by dialing the extension listed in the full staff directory or following the voice instructions and using your telephone key pad.
  • Contact staff members by email by using the employees first initial and initial last name followed by  (example: Carole Dodge is
  • Individual staff or curriculum content web page are available from links on the neighborhood or department pages or by adding the staff member's first initial and initial last name to this web address   (Example: Jane Lee is